Wings Over Indy is an initiative of Amos W. Butler Audubon begun in 2010 to focus on urban bird conservation, research, education, and enjoyment in Central Indiana.  Amos W. Butler Audubon, founded in 1938, is the leading advocate for birds and other non-game wildlife in the Indianapolis metro area.  Common Nighthawks and Chimney Swifts were chosen as the initial focus species for Wings Over Indy because both species depend on man for nesting success and both are still readily observed in Central Indiana.

Wings Over Indy was made possible by a grant from TogetherGreen, a partnership between National Audubon and Toyota.  Providing critical assistance to the project have been several partners, including Butler University's Center for Urban Ecology, Indy Parks and Recreation, and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

During 2011, Wings Over Indy created eight eight Chimney Swift towers and installed more than 30 gravel patches for Common Nighthawks.  These efforts, along with encouraging others to conduct similar activities, will help stem the population decline of both Chimney Swifts and Common Nighthawks.

What's New?

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Tower Some of the students of Brook Park Elementary who helped construct a Chimney Swift tower at their school in November 2011.

Students were eager to get their hands on tools to help with construction.  They learned quite a bit about Chimney Swifts and Amos W. Butler Audubon's conservation project to benefit the species.